Lesní Stezkou #27 Konference

Lesní Stezkou #27 Konference

Tato epizoda je mým povídáním o tom, jak jsem se vydala do Budapešti na aromaterapeutickou konferenci a proč na takové akce jezdit a jaké to vlastně bylo.

Harmonogram konference Budapest Drops:

Whether we realize or not, aromas – essential oils in fact – have an impact on every moment of our lives. They not only influence our perception but affect our whole being. Aromatherapy is the science of essential oils.

It is exceptionally effective at the same time a gentle and holistic therapy. It can be easily combined with other therapies and modalities.

What would happen if we used the essential oils consciously and purposefully?

Would we become more relaxed and balanced?

This conference answers many of our questions. Now you can not only meet the international experts on aromatherapy but may work with them in person as well.

Madeleine Kerkhof (NL)

CO2 extracts as a valuable addition to aromatherapy

Dr. Nina Kočevar Glavač (SLO)

Medicinal plants: Navigating your way between tradition and science

Rhiannon Lewis (F)

A fragrant evolution: putting aroma back into aromatherapy

Jade Shutes (USA)

Western Herbal Energetics: From Galen to Aromatherapy Practice

Deby Atterby (AUS)

Melaleuca quinquinervia (Niaouli) in the treatment

of Herpes (Varicellla) zoster virus


Elizabeth Ashley (UK)

The transition from acute pain to chronic

Ildikó Berecz (GR-HU)
Aromatic adventures in Crete

Sue Mousley (UK)

How do stress and anxiety affect the pregnancy journey

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•o tom, co je nového v Tiny Life

•o tom, jak jsem se vydala na konferenci do zahraničí

•o tom, proč jsem se vydala na konferenci do zahraničí

•o tom, jak jsem si tuto konferenci užila

•o tom, koho jsem tam potkala

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